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Lynnette Hare

I make pots because it releases my creativity.

Why create? Because I enjoy producing individual, unique and varied work, which is produced from the earth and the land around. Raku has been my forte for the past 10 years I have made purpose designed Raku kilns and am now on my 4th one, and I run Raku courses and Pottery courses for any of you that love to share the excitement of magical glazes.

I love the shapes of Medieval pottery, Korean and Japanese, function is paramount within the use of a pot, but my leaning lately has become more open to producing work which reflects the visual side of me, causing a conflict of consciousness, I have come to the conclusion man has always expressed himself visually from the cave-man through time to the present, it’s a natural part of us.

To see an interactive, 3D example of my work click here.

Craft knowledge could be lost, through technology replacing the activity of human craftsmanship. It is important to learn from one another's skills from the past. We should cherish the beauty and variety of the ceramic artist, for without that we become bland and boring. Creativity is an outlet for the soul, hopefully my pottery shows part of me I cannot hope to ascertain.

Hand thrown stoneware tea pot

Previously my pottery has mainly been produced by using locally sourced clays from the Newdowns quarry at St Agnes and I have managed to source some oxides for the range of glazes I use from within the vicinity of Porthtowan, Cornwall. I have recently moved to North Devon on the border between Cornwall and Devon and I am in the process of using the clay I now live on, to bring to life the earth beneath in the form of a new batch of pots. Keep looking to see what is created. 


I run Raku courses, which for the novice is a very exciting and enjoyable way in to the ceramic experience, you will make a piece of sculpture or pot and fire it. If you like to watch a magical experience happen before your eyes not quite knowing what the elements are going to dish out for you, then contact me to book a course tailor made for you and your friends.

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